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You get all of us when you get one of us. Working with a Keleher + Co. agent, our entire team is invested in your success and dedicated to helping you reach your goals. We work together behind the scenes, pooling resources and sharing information to ensure every client has an exceptional real estate experience every time—no matter who you work with. Hiring Keleher + Co., you’re entering into a collaborative partnership. We follow your lead, supporting you with comprehensive education and specialized expertise to meet and exceed your real estate goals, together.

+ Community 

While our agents come from all walks of life and areas of the world, each of us has lived in the South Georgian Bay region for years and considers this to be home. We’ve all planted roots in these great communities; raising families, growing careers, and creating strong relationships with fellow residents. As locals who’ve lived and worked in the area for decades, we always find ways to show our appreciation for our vibrant communities. We host a Movie Morning every spring and a Fall Festival every autumn to give back to our friends, families, neighbours, business partners, and clients. Chris also runs the annual TEDx Collingwood event that celebrates community, culture, and ideas.

+ Constant Innovation

We do more for our clients than the average agent because your real estate experience is more important to us than the transaction. No one else has comparable knowledge of the areas we work in, the resources, the manpower, or the sales history that we do at Keleher + Co. And that’s because we consciously do more so we can help our clients achieve more, and experience the highest level of service possible. Equipped with modern technologies, strategies, processes, and multi-skilled team members, we’ve become the leading real estate team in our marketplace, and continue to invent new ways to help you achieve more.

Jennifer Hale

“Just bought an investment property with Keleher + Co. and it was a great experience. Chris Keleher has assembled a powerhouse team that combines a variety of individual strengths; from A+ staging and service to market-specific and financial expertise to help assess value and risk. In addition, Keleher + Co. applies a perfect balance of tech and in-person service, offering tools that instantly alert clients to relevant listings, and matching that with a friendly and fun group of people who are ready to help at any point throughout the process.”

+ Colourful

Our powerhouse team is made up of a diverse group of professionals from around the world. We have agents from Jamaica, Toronto, B.C., and of course Collingwood natives. Our agents also bring a wide range of career experience with them, providing unique insights and allowing for the kind of collaboration that keeps Keleher + Co. innovative and at the forefront of our market. Because of the diverse cultural and career backgrounds on our team, we’re able to learn from each other and come up with creative solutions to improve our processes and solve client problems.

See why Chris Keleher is recognized as South Georgian Bay’s McGillivray Trusted Agent.

We’re about people over paperwork

We work in real estate because we’re in the business of people. We believe in our communities and the people who make them, so helping residents achieve their homeownership dreams is our way of connecting to these communities, helping them thrive, and making them better. We value our clients as human beings, important members of the communities we love, and friends—not as a source for a paycheck. Our people over paperwork philosophy is why we strive to be thought leaders and innovators in real estate, and why we try to give back to the people and the community in every way we can.