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We believe education is what makes a successful purchase and happy homeowners, so we share our unparalleled knowledge of South Georgian Bay and its real estate to help you make the right decision. We’ll educate you about everything from the Oak Street Canal flood plains and the area’s multiple counties and municipalities to the Niagara Escarpment Commission and the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, and we’ll tell you all about the less-sexy-but-important property features you need to look out for so you purchase with peace of mind.

Our Process

01. Your Buyer's Checklist

Before we start looking at open houses and scheduling viewings, we get you started with a buyer’s checklist to get an accurate picture of what you really want. This will help us source the best matching properties and it’ll help you get specific about what you’re looking for, saving you time and money. Our buyer’s checklist walks you through the important factors you should consider before you buy, including budget, location, and features.

02. The Mortgage Pre-approval

Getting a mortgage pre-approval isn’t technically necessary to start your house hunt, but we strongly recommend it. With a mortgage pre-approval you’ll have a precise idea of what kind of house you can afford, and sellers will take your offer more seriously. Our buyer’s guide breaks down the main steps within the mortgage application to help you prepare for the process.

03. Our Property Search

We analyze property characteristics like age, roof, windows, water damage, HVAC systems, electrical, and more so you know everything about a potential home before you make any decisions. We’ve represented thousands of property purchases throughout South Georgian Bay, so we know exactly what to look for to ensure you’re getting the most value for your dollar.

04. An Educated Offer

When drafting your proposal, we consider all the factors including the listing agent and their particular style, the current “market”, and the seller and their motivations to come up with a competitive offer. We’ll help you navigate single or multiple offer scenarios, buyer vs. seller “markets”,  and every step in the process with your best interest top of mind.

05. Next-level Negotiations

Winning in negotiations is about more than being a “tough” negotiator. That’s why we use effective communication, attentive listening, and proper research to get you the best deal for your home. The way we approach creating your offer is the same way we approach negotiating: we make sure we learn all we can about the situation so that we develop an informed, sound negotiation strategy supported by 130 years of real estate experience.

Get Our Buyer’s Guide

Find more information about our buying processes, and learn about our approach to buying condos, new developments, and income properties in our comprehensive guide.

Local Leverage

We know South Georgian Bay better than anyone, and we know exactly where to go to source the homes that fit your unique lifestyle. Our network allows us the ability to find more homes quicker because we’ve been working in the region for decades and have long-standing relationships with most area listing agents. We’re also connected to Scott McGillivray’s personal real estate network. These connections mean that we can often find off-market properties and other opportunities that you won’t find with another agent.

A Better Way To Buy Real Estate

Trust the largest purchase of your life to our team of local experts who know the area and the “market” best. Learn more about our buying approach to get the best value for your home here.